Sencom Real Time Remote Diagnosis Service

Sencom Real Time Remote Diagnosis Service



    Sencom provides easy-to-use and secure real time remote diagnostics service between the doctor and patient.

    ”Sencom remote diagnostics brings the essential accuracy for the diagnosis. The diagnostic devices are significantly more accurate than traditional diagnostic devices.”

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    In remote diagnostics, doctors are using devices such as HD video camera, digital stethoscope, otoscope and dermatoscope. Additional diagnostic devices and applications, like ECG monitor or intra-oral camera, can be added to the service.

    Many routine controls requiring doctor’s consultation can be done remotely – ear diagnosis, eye inspections, heart films, heart and lungs listening and consultations of skin and mole changes.

    ”Sencom remote diagnostics service is built on customer needs and also available as 24/7 service”

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    A broad selection of high quality diagnostic devices can be utilised efficiently to analyse the patient’s health condition. Digital devices and high quality video are ensuring a very accurate diagnosis.

    ”Remote diagnostics helps to prevent serious medical conditions more effectively and has positive impact on cost savings”

    Among other benefits, costs savings are increased due to the reduced travel needs between the patient and doctor’s office and especially when the travel stress of elderly patients can be avoided.

    “real time remote diagnostics service have significantly improved the availability of specialised care in the health centres”, says Riitta Pajarinen from SiunSote

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    Sencom remote diagnosis service is easy to use, safe, Microsoft integrated and monthly fee basis solution. The service enables secured video connection between doctors / health care professionals and remote diagnosis endpoint, and provides different set of diagnosing devices / cameras for teleconsulting needs.

    Here are some typical devices which can be used with our service:

    • Digital othoscope for ear, eye, throat, mouth and skin / mole diagnosis remotely
    • Digital stethoscope for heart, lugns and intestine sound diagnosis remotely
    • Digital dermatoscope for mole / skin diagnosis
    • HD-video camera for general purposes and skin / wound diagnosis.
    • ECG device for patients real time resting electrogardiograph monitoring

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    Sencom has sales office in Finland and we are planning to open new countries in 2018.


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    tel. +358503065510